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Several days ski touring going from one mountain hut to another, following an itinerary, far away from any ski lifts. This sporting ski holiday will get you out into the wilderness and give you a great sense of discovery and accomplishment.

image rando The Alps, the perfect place for this sport, has chains of mountains where we open up uncountable routes, each more beautiful than the previous. Improved equipment and the building of mountain huts allows us to hike with lighter rucksacks and better appreciate the pleasures of both the effort during the climbs and the thrilling sensations of the descents.

To take part in a ski touring raid it is necessary to learn how to ski off-piste and how to ski with touring skis. Routes are of various difficulties and we can take you on those best suited to your level, so you can learn and improve gradually.

Ski touring raids are one of the best mountain activities, but wild areas require learning and experience to make the most of mountain’s wild, natural beauty. Our team proposes 4 types of raid that you can chose according to your level :

Ski raid in star

It is a ski raid on several days but with staying at the same refuge. The advantage is to ski with the minimum of material and no heavy luggages.

Ski raid in half-star

Nearly the same formula than the last one but we also propose to change the the refuge during the raid

Itinerant ski raid

The base of ski raid. We will start from one point and travel at ski to a destination. Our route will use different refuges. Chamonix-Zermatt is a good example of this kind of ski-raid.

The half-itinerant ski-raid

It is a mixture between the Itinerant ski raid and the Ski raid in Star

Ski raids

dates Raid Difficulty Type of raid Where Link
3 day in december First raid In star France détails
3 days in january Refuge In star France détails
3 days in january Chalet In star France détails
january and february La Fouly In star Switzerland détails
5 to 8 of march Summits Surprise The Alps détails
25 to 27 of march Grand Saint Bernard In star Italie détails
31 of march to 9 of april Ruitor Massif In star Italia détails


dates Raids Difficulty Type of raid Where Links
20 to 27 of january Jotunheim ~ Norway détails
from 04 to 23 of may Rindal Massif ~ Norway détails


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